The Department offers a four-year B.A. Honours degree programme in History and International Studies for students admitted by entrance examination, and a three-year B.A.Honours degree programme for students admitted by direct entry. In this programme International Studies means aspects of world politics and economy. The Department also offers a B.A. degree programme which combines History and International Studies with one of the following, Archaeology, Education, English, Library Science and Information Technology, and Religion.


The programme hinges on (i) the fact that the world has become a global village, making the component parts increasingly inter-dependent or inter-related; and (ii) the knowledge that a meaningful history course provides must emphasize the events and trends of the past which are relevant to the current problems, needs and aspirations of the immediate and the wider world.


The objective of the programme is to give students a broad and firm grounding in History and International Studies in general in the best traditions of the discipline. The programme is expected to acquaint the students with the past and current events which have impact and are impacting significantly on mankind.


The programme covers the political, economic, social, cultural and religious aspects of African History in particular and the wider world in general. Courses in International Relations are also studied. The programme adopts a concentric approach with Nigeria as the epicenter. Courses on African Historical experiences and relations with those of the world beyond are also included. This is to enable the students not only to compare and contrast African historical experiences with those of the world beyond but also to understand the dynamics of the constantly changing relationship between Africa and other continents.